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HOMESHAKE is the latest pseudonym and solo project of Edmonton-born, Montreal-based Peter Sagar. Having previously recorded with Mac DeMarco and Sheer Agony's Jackson MacIntosh, Homeshake returns with In the Shower, his debut release on Sinderlyn. Having won a Junior Jazz Artist of the Year award for his drumming in high school, Peter often pulls influences of R&B/soul into his own work. Peter's debut album, The Homeshake Tapes, featured an eclectic mix of homemade tracks with blunt guitar licks and Dragon Ball Z samples, all with a Northeastern-grunge meets lo-fi soul feel. Musically, Peter also has long been influenced by the icy landscapes of his home in Canada. Smooth, cool and relaxed, In the Shower soothes the listener with its smooth bass lines and groovy, jazz undertones. The album was recorded in the Winter of 2014 at the Drones Club in Montreal with the help from friend and confidant Mike Wright. – Press Release

“Working out of Montreal, originally from Edmonton, Sagar draws intense inspiration from his frosty homeland. The album was recorded this last winter at Montreal’s Drones Club with the help of close friend Mike Wright. The feel is cool, in both senses of the word, with subtly grooving basslines and funky, tremolo-soaked guitar riffs. Homeshake’s bread and butter is the music Sagar jams on with his friends, and even the band’s name was derived from their handshake back home.

“Chowder,” second on the album and the first to catch my ear, is an off-kilter love song steeped in extraterrestrial vocals and guitar that smacks of a Brazilian bossa nova. Strangely clever lyrics add charm: “Sitting there just staring at the trees / Jonesing for a little of that cream / We’ll lock the door behind tonight / And leave a light on for your eyes / She’s my chowder and I love her so much.”

In the Shower is an altogether odd experience. Light humor and several delightfully funky melodies add substance, but the utterly unsettling gimmicks cheapen the concept. The album won’t leave you feeling clean, but if you let it wash over you, you’ll be sure to uncover a couple of gems.” – Audio Femme

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