Hatis Noit
Illogical Dance

Erased Tapes Records

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“On her new EP Illogical Dance, she combines a huge range of styles from Japanese classical music and Gregorian chanting to opera, with a few pop conventions in the mix. The result is a collection that’s almost mystical in its genre-fluid design, though the almost spiritual nature of her work has trickled through from her youth. Hailing from Shiretoko – a small town in Hokkaido – Hatis Noit adopted singing as a calling during a trek to Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal when she was 16. There, she investigated a female monk singing Buddhist chants alone, awakening her to the raw power of the human voice.

As such, there are no samples to be found throughout the entirety of Illogical Dance’s three main tracks. It’s built entirely on vocal performance without words; even what sounds like the crunching of leaves beneath a person’s feet came from Hatis Noit’s own vocal chords. She instead connects the primordial and the technological in other, intuitive ways, building a musical language all its own. Ten-minute opener ‘Angelus Novus’ strings together sweepingly grand, operatic passages with more visceral and hypnotic chanting and whispered murmurs; they combine together in distinctively rhythmic and propulsive ways.” – Drowned In Sound

“At times classically operatic, at others radically avant-garde, Illogical Dance synthesizes a number of non-Western vocal traditions, from Bulgarian and Gregorian chants to her native Gagaku or Japanese classical music. At once complex and primordial, it’s easy to hear comparisons with Medúlla-era Björk, Holly Herndon’s vocal experiments and the choral majesty of 4AD’s Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares release of the mid ’80s.” – Vinyl Factory 

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Hatis Noit ‎


Illogical Dance


Erased Tapes Records


Vinyl, LP, 45 RPM, EP



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23rd March 2018





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