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Harvest / Caroline Records / Wolf Tone

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Featured Laneway Festival Singapore 2017 Artist

Zaba is the debut studio album by English indie rock group Glass Animals, released on 6 June 2014 by Wolf Tone/Caroline International and on 17 June 2014 by Harvest Records in the U.S.

Interest first arose in Glass Animals after the release of their debut extended play Leaflings on independent label Kaya Kaya Records, a subsidiary and imprint of XL Recordings, part of the Beggars Group of labels. After they became the first act to be signed to Wolf Tone, the record label of British producer Paul Epworth, they released their second, self-titled EP. A song from the EP, "Black Mambo", in addition to a re-recorded version of "Cocoa Hooves" from Leaflings, appears on Zaba, expanding the promotion of the album. Glass Animals also gained exposure in Europe by playing opening act on European shows of St. Vincent, Metronomy, Yeasayer and others. Zaba performed particularly well on the Australian charts, following three headline shows in the country and an appearance and regular airplay on Australian radio station Triple J. The album reached number 12 on the ARIA Charts.

Zaba is primarily a psychedelic indie pop record. The album's sound is characterized by obscure tropical percussion and jungle timbres. This musical motif reflects lead singer David Bayley's exotic subject matter, which was inspired by the William Steig children's book The Zabajaba Jungle. To achieve this sound, Bayley would record ambient sounds of a field near his house or the chewing of rabbits and other animals, and percussive sounds of cooking utensils and children's toys. Some of the songs were based specifically on certain adventure novels: "Toes," for example, intends to recreate the atmosphere of The Island of Doctor Moreau and Heart of Darkness.

Various music critics have indicated that Zaba holds strong R&B influences, particularly in its use of "hard-hitting" hip hop basslines, pop-influenced melodies, and husky vocals with a lyrical focus on sensuality. Additionally, Zaba is regularly noted for its subtle electronica influences and use of synthesizers. This is evident on the first track of the album, "Flip", which begins as a slow, seductive build of understated electronica and dream pop evocative of Jamie xx and Flying Lotus. The song then "erupting" into a "warm" wash of electronics and bass sounds; its deep, "sticky" beat is paired with percussion to form a "sonic honeycomb". "Black Mambo" opens with a similar steady build, and leads with pizzicato strings which "cascade" over xylophones into rich, soulful vocal harmonies. – Wiki

“ZABA is a head-trip of a record. Packed with jazzy harmonies, hip-hop beats and a variety of hard-to-pinpoint sounds (Bayley has said some fuzzy interludes are his pets chewing on the microphone), it’s not afraid to get weird. Pop on a pair of headphones and a spine-tingling daze starts to set in. But after a few spins, the initial trance wears off and you find yourself peeling back the layers of each track. The entire record lends itself to this obsessive deconstructing. Connected by threads of deep electronics, varied percussion and smooth jazz, its songs are expertly woven together. They’re distinctive once pulled apart, but can’t resist melting back together into a single, mellow groove…

Every song on Glass Animals’ debut is a potential earworm. ZABA’s songs are both atmospheric and totally danceable, ideal for lazy Sunday mornings and hazy Friday nights. Produced by Bayley under executive production of Epworth, the album is bizarre, gorgeous, playful and dark—and it’s absolutely mesmerizing.” – Paste Magazine

About Glass Animals:

Glass Animals are an English indie rock band from Oxford consisting of members Dave Bayley (lead vocals, guitar, tambourine), Drew MacFarlane (guitar, keys, backing vocals), Edmund Irwin-Singer (bass, keys, backing vocals), and Joe Seaward (drums). The group released their debut album Zaba in June 2014 as the first release on producer Paul Epworth's label Wolf Tone, and their second album How To Be A Human Being was released on August 26, 2016, to critical acclaim. The band has toured internationally and featured on line ups at festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Reading/Leeds, Falls, Southbound and Bestival. - Wiki

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