Gary Burton
Seven Songs For Quartet And Chamber Orchestra

ECM Records

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Sounding as fresh today as it did in 1973, Seven Songs places the Gary Burton Quartet in an orchestral context, with compositions of Michael Gibbs – inspired by Messiaen and Charles Ives as well as Miles and Gil Evans – and exceptional soloing by Mick Goodrick, Steve Swallow and Burton himself. The production is exemplary: Seven Songs set a new standard for recordings of orchestral jazz. - Press Release

““Nocturne Vulgaire” sets the album’s plaintive tone with a groundswell of strings, into which Burton drops his mercurial sound. This delicate blend of mallets and bows continues unabated in “Arise, Her Eyes” (Steve Swallow), the only non-Gibbs number on the album. Mick Goodrick’s steady strums and Ted Seibs’s cymbal-heavy drumming make the most of the tender “Throb,” as Burton’s vibes glow like phosphorescent blood in the piece’s ambulatory body. “By Way Of A Preface” spins the album’s densest song. Its abstract beginnings carry over into a gorgeously perpetual solo from Goodrick, while Swallow makes his memorable mark in the pensive confines of “Phases.” The vast open fields that underlie “The Rain Before It Falls” give way to the chromatic wonders of “Three,” in which Burton and Goodrick’s relays emerge with all the inevitability of a final word.” - All About Jazz

Featured artists:

Gary Burton - Vibraharp

  • Michael Goodrick - Guitar
  • Steve Swallow - Bass
  • Ted Seibs - Drums
  • Members of the NDR-Symphony Orchestra, Hamburg  

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Gary Burton


Seven Songs For Quartet And Chamber Orchestra


ECM Records


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This reissue: - | Original - 1974




Contemporary Jazz

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ECM 1040 ST