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Maggot Brain

Westbound Records

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- TAV // Essential Listening -

Masterminded by George Clinton alongside core members lead guitarist Eddie Hazel, bassist
Billy Nelson, rhythm guitarist Lucious “Tawl” Ross, and drummer Ramon “Tiki” Fulwood -
Funkadelic pioneered a heavy and heady mix of acid rock and funk. Following their self-titled
debut, and their sophomore release “Free Your Mind… And Your Ass Will Follow”, this third
album was the collective at their zenith. It was as if the training wheels came off - Maggot Brain
was mind-blowing from its opening solo, a launchpad into an LSD-fueled freak out full of fuzzed-
out guitars, intoxicating grooves and explicit lyricism. An exhibition of controlled musical chaos,
this album embodies the bombast and bedlam of the 1970s. Socially and spiritually, Maggot
Brain was singular of its time.

Genre: Funk/Soul, Rock, P.Funk, Psychadelic Rock

[Reissue: 2019 onwards (Original Release: 1971), 1LP, Westbound Records]

Label: Westbound Records – SEW 002
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
Country: Germany
Genre: Rock, Funk / Soul
Style: P.Funk, Psychedelic Rock