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Funkadelic – Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow | 1990


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Funkadelic – Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow | 1990


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Free Your Mind... and Your Ass Will Follow is the second studio album by American funk band Funkadelic, released in July 1970 by Westbound Records. – Wiki 

“It's one of the best titles in modern musical history, for song and for album, and as a call to arms mentally and physically the promise of funk was never so perfectly stated. If it were just a title then there'd be little more to say, but happily, Free Your Mind lives up to it throughout as another example of Funkadelicgetting busy and taking everyone with it.” – Allmusic

“Funkadelic was, traditionally, part of a larger creative whole, a sort of musical commune which also included Parliament. Combining funk, blues and soul vibes, Funkadelic had a definite political edge. As for the final sound mix? Well, you’ve heard of space rock which takes a traditional genre and injects other-worldly noises and creative influences – Funkadelic worked upon a ‘space funk’ (some would say acid funk with the emphasis on ‘acid’) which flows all over this album and follows a similar path. Mixing a dirty groove with wacked-out sound effects and razor-sharp lyrics, this is a superb first release featuring class artists such as George Clinton, Eddie Hazel and Bernie Worrell.” – Record Collector

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Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow


Westbound Records


Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Gatefold sleeve 



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RockFunk / Soul


P.FunkPsychedelic Rock

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SEW 012