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Francis Harris

Scissor & Thread

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Francis Harris, together with Anthony Collins is one of the co-founders of Brooklyn-based record label Scissor and Thread. The name Scissor and Thread originates from the label's hands-on approach, both in a focus on analog and organic instrumentation and in A&R. The label only releases albums from artists who Harris has met in person, and who have visited his studio. The label has stated it aims to focus on the LP format of full albums, with their most successful releases being Harris' two LP's, "Leland" and "Minutes of Sleep," which were both critically acclaimed and received strong reviews from the influential electronic music magazine Resident Advisor.

Francis Harris has covered a lot of ground in the more than two decades he's spent in the electronic scene. He's put out everything from tech house to ethereal experimental music as a key player behind projects including Adultnapper, Frank & Tony and Aris Kindt. Although Harris cut his teeth behind the decks, the work he's dropped under his own name tends to be reserved and sophisticated — tracks for people who go to the party for the soundsystem instead of the bar. "I'm a studio nerd. I wanna make albums and record bands. I like to cook and listen to music and read books," he told RA in 2014. With this in mind, it seems fitting that his latest album, Thresholds, tinkers with eerie, cottony ambient. The LP strips his sound to the bare minimum, straying from the rich, jazzy palette that defines his signature solo style.

The music on Thresholds originally came to life as a series of synth sketches composed for several Public Domain films that aired on Harris's livestream channel, Public Records TV. He fleshed out these arrangements over the course of several months, calling on artists like Dave Harrington and Pan.American mastermind Mark Nelson to play on the album, coloring new shades of grey into Harris's cryptic compositions. Yet, while some big names appear this record's 12 tracks, Thresholds' sonics occasionally feel a bit thin. "Useless Machines" is centered on melancholic synthesizers and the dissonant thrum of an e-bow—you get the feeling it could have appeared on an ambient compilation 20 years ago as much as a new record in 2022. "New Pastoral" utilizes a pitter-pattering tom groove to lay the framework for unsettling piano flourishes and warbling atmospheric textures, though it never quite comes together. Thresholds is touted as Harris's ambient album, but previous efforts like Minutes Of Sleep put a somewhat prettier and more engaging spin on a similar approach. — (via Resident Advisor / Bandcamp)

Label: Scissor and Thread
Format: 2x Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: Feb 25, 2022
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Downtempo, Electroacoustic

File under: Ambient / Experimental / IDM