Explosions in the Sky
Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Temporary Residence Limited

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“What takes us so long between albums? It's a fair question.

One of us got married. One of us has had two kids since the last album. One of us has panic attacks.

One of us took classical guitar lessons. One of us restored a piano from 1888. One of us had a serious illness in the family (and a recovery). One of us attempted, but did not complete, the P90X program.

One of us was obsessed with this new album having 17 shorter songs. One was obsessed with the album sounding like a dream.

Two of us can't get to sleep most nights. Two of us wake up early in the morning and can't get back to sleep. No joke, it's a challenge schedule-wise.

We had a weekend shut-in sleepover at one of our houses, in which we wrote music and watched movies and threw around ideas. It was productive and come to think of it, we should probably do that more often.

We made at least 50 demos, and that's probably a conservative estimate. And ended up with six songs.

At one point during these four years we got pretty frustrated and took a hiatus from music. We called it a sabbatical. It lasted a couple months.

When 2010 showed up, with the sabbatical safely behind us, we looked around at all the demos, all the instruments, and tried to see some sort of sense, or theme, or anything in it all. And slowly, we found it was already there. One part became two parts, a new guitar line made one part come alive, an added tambourine made another sing. Things started to fit together in ways we couldn't have planned. One song was finished, and less than a week or two later another song was finished. The rest followed over the next six months. 

All of the songs came from the demos that we had worked on in the previous three years, demos that we had gone away from, and then come back to, and then expanded. 

In september of 2010, we drove out to a studio called sonic ranch, 20 miles east of el paso. We spent almost two weeks out there with our friend John Congleton, who recorded the album. It is a pretty great place, with five studios and a pet raccoon on a huge pecan ranch. When that was finished, we went back home to Austin and mixed the album at a studio called public hi-fi. and finally we mastered the album in New York CIty with Greg Galbi. We are pretty ecstatic with how it turned out.

The album is called "Take Care, Take Care, Take Care." And even though that title sounds like a sign-off from us, it is far from it.” – Explosions in the Sky, on Bandcamp 

“Take Care, Take Care, Take Care finds the band returning with a renewed focus on its most basic sound: multiple guitars with drums and a bit of bass. The piano that helped lend "So Long, Lonesome" its sense of cold finality is gone, and the band sounds confident getting back to the setup on which they built their reputation.

The simple fact is that Explosions in the Sky are very good at this particular thing, and it seems as though no matter how many crescendos and diminuendos they play, there remains a certain amount of cathartic power to their music. The emotion in it is ambiguous, and you can read whatever you want into it-- the soundtrack to your rainy day might be the soundtrack to someone else's overwhelming joy, and that too is important to its appeal.” – Pitchfork

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Explosions in the Sky


Take Care, Take Care, Take Care


Temporary Residence Limited


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