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Edson Natale
Nina Maika

New Dawn

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Reissue of Edson Natale’s genre-challenging masterpiece from 1990. The album combines traditional acoustic Brazilian music with ambient electronics, all the while maintaining a strong pop sensibility. The album features Mitar Subotić (Rex Ilusivii) alongside some of Brazil's finest players and vocalists. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl in a gatefold cover with the original Portugese lyrics and liner notes on the inside.

For me the turning point, in what makes this wonderful experiment from Edson a masterpiece is that flip side of this album. Beginning with “Alfacinha” and ending with “Par de Asas”, whether it’s Edson Natale or Edson Cordeiro (guest vocalist) taking the reins to actually add words to music, there’s just a special atmosphere that makes that side a joy to hear. Deconstructing all sorts of Brazilian micro-genres and folk melodies, reconstructing them back with avant garde electronic touches, then adding all sorts of leftfield musical ideas, that second side was and still is simply jaw-dropping gorgeous. Gorgeous in a way that transcends into true grace. Meeting the mind just as strongly as the heart. Nina Maika, a very personal release, one that Edson self-financed (much like Dharana’s records) way back when, still merits a far larger audience than the obscurity its been languishing in – at least enough to get him away from his current job as manager of Itaú Cultural’s Musical Center. It goes without saying, this is absolutely essential listening… - Fond Sound


New Dawn (6) – ND 008


Vinyl, LP, Reissue




3 Dec 2021


Electronic, Latin, Folk, World, & Country


MPB, New Age