Death Grips
Year of The Snitch

Harvest / Third Worlds

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"The new album does feel like a return to the early days of Death Grips, with the trademark genre-bending attitude that the band displays. The various forms of electronic music, power electronics, hip-hop, and hardcore are still present and act as the foundations of the record. The hip-hop element remains the focal point, and it is even explored in a more straightforward way than we have come to expect from Death Grips. "Streaky" is an example of this attitude, featuring a more refreshing tone with a very bouncy progression. Similarly, the electronic experimentations are present, and are responsible for some of the more delicate moments of this album, in the likes of "Little Richard" which arrives with a captivating aura as the processed vocals add a different dimension to this experience." – Pop Matters

“You can never really tell what sounds are discovered or if they're original recordings from Death Grips themselves, albeit heavily processed and manipulated to the point where it's impossible to identify. Which is just one small aspect of the broader genius that is Death Grips. Not one of their releases is the same as another, and with Year of the Snitch, they continue to break boundaries and expectations. The record is another example of true experimentation with their sound along with an uncompromising work ethic and a thirst for originality.” – All Music

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Death Grips


Year of The Snitch


Harvest ‎, Third Worlds


Vinyl, LP, Album



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12 Sep 2018


Electronic, Hip Hop


Experimental, Hardcore Hip-Hop, Noise

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