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Daniel Avery – Drone Logic


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Daniel Avery – Drone Logic


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“His debut LP, Drone Logic, puts a neat little bow on his sudden rise to fame over the past year, and adds shades of depth to his already well-established sound. More importantly, it's a relentlessly stormy record that's too dynamic to get stale. Acid runs through Avery's veins, but he's no nostalgia peddler. Drone Logic sounds nothing like the classic Chicago or UK takes on the sound, nor does it have much in common with the contemplative version coming from the Acid Test axis. Instead, Avery fixes the squelch as a purely textural element; it adds a certain grain and edge to his ravey melodies, which repeat endlessly through filters and effects. They're simple—tracks like "Water Jump" and "Naive Response" wring out their chord progressions until you're almost sick of hearing them—but just weird enough to stay engaging. In an interview with RA, Avery expressed admiration for Paul Woolford's classic "Erotic Discourse," and much of Drone Logic has that tune's mix of the off-kilter and the easily accessible.

A good few of the album's tracks were released on Avery's past EPs, but they haven't lost any of their impact a year later, and the new ones have him in better form than ever. "All I Need," buried deep in the album's latter half, hits like an ecstasy cluster bomb; those big drowning-in-reverb chords are just made for an audience completely off its face. "These Nights Never End" takes things into the darker dimension of that druggy sound, all menacing belches and spasming basslines.” – Resident Advisor

“Peckham-based producer Daniel Avery has had more big-ups in the last year than haircuts, with electronic luminaries such as The Chemical Brothers and Richie Hawtin saluting his offbeat releases. His debut, however, is in a league of its own. ‘Drone Logic’ blurs raw techno, piano house and – yes – drone into propulsive dancefloor poetry. It’s minimal without being clinical, catchy without being clichéd and, thanks to the influence of MBV and Neu!, full of sonic left turns. At a time when Avicii’s hillbilly-EDM mangle is seen as the cutting edge of dance music, Avery’s logic makes perfect sense. – NME

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Daniel Avery


Drone Logic


Phantasy Sound


2 x Vinyl, LP, Album



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4th October 2013




Acid, Acid House, Tech House, Dark Ambient

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