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Second Time Round | 2018 Reissue

Mr Bongo | Janus Records

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“Cymande (See-man-day) was a British funk group that released several albums in the early 1970s and reunited in 2014 with a European tour and a new album released in 2015. The group was formed by Steve Scipio and Patrick Patterson in 1971 in London, England, along with musicians from Guyana, Jamaica and Saint Vincent. The name Cymande is derived from a calypso word for dove, symbolising peace and love.” – Wiki 

“… There've been few better fusions of reggae and jazz than Second Time Round. The spirited "Anthracite" is driven by horns on the chorus, a scorching sax solo, and a titillating flute. … Everything is centered around Steve Scipo's bubbly bass notes, a good example being "Trevorgus," in which the beat falls between midtempo and uptempo and everything (the horns, the rhythm, the chanting vocals) complements each other as if linked by an invisible chain. The group scintillates on "Fug," a rapid-fire mover and shaker that speaks of people dying because of greed and deceit. … Vocalist Ray King breaks off his best lead on the tempo changing "Bird," and Joey Dee assists vocally while patting on his conga set; Peter Serreo, and Derek Gibbs sax play sparkles like champagne from beginning to end.” – Allmusic 

Item Description:

Artist: Cymande
Title:  Second Time Round


Mr Bongo, Janus Records


Vinyl, LP, Album Reissue, 180 Gram




This reissue: 21 Apr 2018 | Original: 1973


Funk / Soul, Folk, World & Country


Funk, Soul, African, Jazz-Funk