Original Jazz Classics [OJC] / Moodsville

Coleman Hawkins – The Hawk Relaxes


Original Jazz Classics [OJC] / Moodsville

Coleman Hawkins – The Hawk Relaxes


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The Hawk Relaxes is an album by saxophonist Coleman Hawkins which was recorded in 1961 and originally released on the Moodsville label.

“To begin with, his tone isn't simply "pretty." Nor is it burdened by heaviness and grease, breathiness and spit, exaggerated vibratos and gratuitous effects. It's a non- manufactured sound, as natural and spontaneous as it is virile, warm-hearted and bold. Even on ballads, the Hawk talks, dramatically punctuating the poetry with near-vocal articulations, especially as he moves up the register of the horn.

A rubato initial chorus of "When Day Is Done" begins in dark resignation before going to regular meter and rising to a memorable protest against the dying of the light. The sublimely sentimental "Under a Blanket of Blue" begins with cozy story-telling warmth before a double-time second chorus introduces playfulness under the covers. After Kenny Burrell plays the verse, Hawkins brings to "More Than You Know" all of the soulful drama of an angst-ridden Sinatra reading. Next, Hawkins' unaccompanied assertive tenor announces a surprise dance tonight before seductively sliding into the gently swinging strains of "Moonglow." "Just a Gigolo" becomes a memorable conversation between Hawk and Burrell, a performance comparing favorably with Sarah Vaughan's At Mr. Kelly’s.” - All About Jazz


  • Coleman Hawkins, tenor saxophone
  • Kenny Burrell, guitar
  • Ronnell Bright, piano
  • Ron Carter, bass
  • Andrew Cyrille, drums

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Coleman Hawkins


The Hawk Relaxes


Original Jazz Classics [OJC] / Moodsville


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This reissue: 2014 | Original - 1961




Bop, Cool Jazz

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