Christina Vantzou - No. 4



Christina Vantzou - No. 4


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 “The Belgium-based ambient neo-classical composer-director went into her studio sessions with a whole bunch of ideas for her small army of enchanted well-wishers, which included the likes of Steve Hauschildt, John Also Bennett, Angel Deradoorian, Clarice Jensen, Beatrijs De Klerck, and members of Belgium's Echo Collective. She planned on making an album balanced between heavily composed pieces and her kind of post-improv collaborations, where session musicians were free to add to or subtract from their collective efforts. When it came time to mix the results, the album ended up being entirely spontaneous, and it's all the better for it…”
“…Despite the organized chaos of its creation, No. 4 sounds quite deliberate. It's balanced in its own way, gently coaxing the listener in two directions at once, between the soothing adagio ambiance of its string drones and elongated synth and vocal glissandi that bring to mind the tape loop experiments of Brian Eno. Its hauntingly dissonant, minor-key harmonic qualities generate a heavy feel and depth of sound up there with the most interesting film scores of Jóhann Jóhannsson. It strikes the imagination with dazzlingly cinematic scenes, moody yet not depressing, bringing the room together as background music yet evocative enough to capture unblinking attention.” – Exclaim

“Apparently as part of the creation process Vantzou wanted to “blur lines of hierarchy,” and thus allowed all ensemble members and technical assistants to add or delete elements; I’d suggest this shows an immense amount of bravery in her initial concept, that bravery is amply rewarded on pieces like’ At Dawn’ which hints at the darker elements recently employed by Zimmer and Wallfisch during the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack…”

“…This is a body of work to be truly listened to; allow yourself the time, be free of distraction and the combination of electronic and acoustic elements will genuinely transform you.” – Louder Than War


Christina Vantzou


No. 4




Vinyl, LP 



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Electronic, Classical


DroneModern ClassicalAmbient

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