Christina Vantzou - No. 3



Christina Vantzou - No. 3


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“Kranky recently released the third piece of the American composer and visual artists Christina Vantzou, titled simply ‘No. 3’. Recorded in Belgium (where she’s currently based) with a 15-piece ensemble of strings, horns, woodwinds and micro-choir, this new album explores a deep path of dreamy and meditative soundscapes, with reminiscences of lush layers of classical instruments, synths, vocal samples and somnambulant melodies…” 

“…There is a certain tension throughout the album that can be felt on every track; an isolated feeling of something really big or really significant, which is going to happen. During its 16 tracks, the album develops melancholic but cold drones that can only be described as deep. Nevertheless, the album is diverse and very rich in structure. Although the entire music on the previous Nº1 and Nº2 was composed without time structure or steady click, the pillars on Nº3 follow a solid mathematical pattern.” – The Attic

“Each of these collections are meticulously arranged, but Nº 3 shows the most eclecticism, particularly in its more explicit use of synthesizers. And I’m happy to say it’s in the tradition of the most lucid of early electronic composition (like that of track two’s namesake, Laurie Spiegel) rather than the more self-indulgent experiments of the period. Also new to her palette is plucked strings (“The Library”), guest collaboration (Loscil, on the muffled grandeur of “Stereoscope”), and Penderecki-sized dread in a three-minute package (another pessimistic hat in the ring about “The Future”)…”

“Although the loaded titles don’t illuminate the largely elusive compositions, the numbered releases suggest a humbly ambitious drive on the part of the artist to let her output be a continuum, rather than a series of timely statements. Just as the work is the sounds and vision of due diligence in the realms of the lost, its presentation is both formal and adventurous. Christina Vantzou’s albums continue to be a well-appointed clearing in which to both tentatively grasp at reason and revel in its absence. A subconsciously magnetic force in meditative sound if there ever was one. An imperceptibly tremoring place of stolen serenity. I’ll meet you/lose you there.” – Tiny Mixtapes



Christina Vantzou


No. 3




2 × Vinyl, LP, Album 



Release Date:

16 Oct 2015




DroneModern ClassicalExperimental

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