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Future Days is the fifth studio album by the German experimental rock group Can, originally released in 1973. It is the last Can album to feature Japanese vocalist Damo Suzuki.

On Future Days, the band foregrounds the ambient elements they had begun exploring on previous efforts, dispensing largely with traditional rock song structures and instead "creating hazy, expansive soundscapes dominated by percolating rhythms and evocative layers of keys." PopMatters wrote that "It feels as if Future Days is driven by a coastal breeze, exuding a more pleasant, relaxed mood than anything the band had previously recorded." The last track, "Bel Air", has been described by critics as being gloriously expansive and Can's most impressionistic song, with "an almost painterly sense of blended colors and landscapes."

The album was ranked number 8 on Rolling Stone's 50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time list. Pitchfork named it the 56th greatest album of the 1970s. In 1995 Mojo also named it the 62nd greatest album of all time. – Wiki

“Like the previous Mute remasters, these albums now sound incredible. Listening to "Chain Reaction", "Gomorrha", and "Future Days", I was constantly surprised at how clear everything sounded, as if the band had recorded all of this stuff in one fell swoop during an unbelievably inspired, marathon session. One of the great things about Can, even in their off moments, was the attention to detail and realization that the affect of each tiny moment in the course of a song can affect the momentum of the entire piece. No small miracles here: even if it's sad to think these albums represent Can's last great gasp, none of their moments have ever sounded better.” – Pitchfork

“…the four tracks on the German experimental rockers' fifth studio album synthesize everything they did weirdly well. Can could strip back for three minutes of skewered psychedelic pop ("Moonshake") or split the difference between Miles Davis's Bitches Brew and Isaac Hayes's Hot Buttered Soul ("Spray"), or find new craters on the moon for "Bel Air," a lounge suite dizzying up the entire second side of the record. All of it is Can, and none of it is commonplace.” – Rolling Stone

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Future Days


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