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Brian Eno And Roger Eno ‎

Deutsche Grammophon

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Luminous is an extension of Mixing Colours, the first duo collaboration between Roger and Brian Eno, which was developed over a 15-year period and released in 2020. These seven additional tracks were included with the album's digital "expanded" edition, and issued as a stand-alone vinyl EP. As with the album proper, these pieces were improvised by Roger using a MIDI keyboard, and Brian treated them with additional textural effects. None of these recordings would be out of place on the original release -- the mood remains balanced between calm reflection and slight shades of melancholy, and even though the melodies are clear and resonant, the alterations add enough of a sense of mystery to escape familiarity. "Moss" consists of simple, pretty piano notes floating above nothingness, gradually sporting a tail of the reverb. "Violet" adds more sustain as well as more of a creeping progression, hinting at darker, more ominous thoughts. "Vermillion" has a more nostalgic tone, and seems like it could come closest to driving someone to tears if they're having a particularly vulnerable moment. "Manganese" is easily one of the EP's loveliest selections, resembling the feeling of floating still and soundlessly on one's back in a swimming pool and luxuriating in the absolute lack of care or worry. "Marble" similarly revels in soft vibrations, extending the weightless sensation for a few minutes longer than the other pieces, while "Pewter" has more of a warm, comforting glow. – All Music

Label: Deutsche Grammophon ‎– 4839257

Format: Vinyl, 12", EP

Country: Europe

Released: 14 Aug 2020

Genre: Electronic

Style: Ambient, Modern Classical