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My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts


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My Life in the Bush of Ghosts is the first collaborative album by Brian Eno and David Byrne, released in February 1981. It is titled after Amos Tutuola's 1954 novel of the same name. Recorded by Eno and Byrne in between their work on Talking Heads projects, the album integrates sampled vocals and found sounds, African and Middle Eastern rhythms, and electronic music techniques. While it received mixed reviews upon its release, My Life is now widely regarded as a high point in the discographies of Eno and Byrne.

The album has since been called a "pioneering work for countless styles connected to electronics, ambience and Third World music". The extensive use of sampling on the album is widely considered ground-breaking and innovative, though its actual influence on the sample-based music genres that later emerged continues to be debated. Pitchfork listed My Life in the Bush of Ghosts as the 21st best album of the 1980s, while Slant Magazine listed the album at No. 83 on its list of the "Best Albums of 1980s". – Wiki

“Fresh from working together on Talking Heads' Fear of Music, Eno and Byrne combined Eastern music, funk and ambient to create what is now known as world music. Their "vocalists" included voices taken from radio broadcasts and recordings of radical clerics. Since then, similar techniques have been used on everything from Moby's Play to Public Enemy.

It still sounds fresh as a daisy. The content (Muslims chanting; US foreign policy on America Is Waiting) is eerily prescient. It's hard not to be astonished by the spirit of something like The Jezebel Spirit, which whisks a recording of an exorcism into a dance track.” – The Guardian

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Brian Eno + David Byrne ‎


My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts




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This reissue: 2009 | Original - 1981


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