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Black Sabbath
Paranoid (2024 Reissue / LE Red With Black Splatter)


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50 years ago, Black Sabbath found its sound and took metal worldwide. Paranoid came out in Europe on Sept. 18, 1970, and its title track reached No. 4 on the UK charts shortly after. The band's first, self-titled release had just come out months earlier, but it was Paranoid that helped turn the world on to heavy metal. On their second album, the musicians found their focus. Paranoid came together rapidly. The band wrote songs and came up with riffs while touring their first album in Europe. When the tour ended, the band returned to the studio and made the album in six days, playing and recording as if it was a live concert. In that whirlwind, they created what's become some of the most iconic heavy metal ever. 

Paranoid refined Black Sabbath's signature sound — crushingly loud, minor-key dirges loosely based on heavy blues-rock - and applied it to a newly consistent set of songs with utterly memorable riffs, most of which now rank as all-time metal classics. 

Where the extended, multi-sectioned songs on the debut sometimes felt like aimless jams, their counterparts on Paranoid have been given focus and direction, lending an epic drama to now-standards like "War Pigs" and "Iron Man" (which sports one of the most immediately identifiable riffs in metal history). The subject matter is unrelentingly, obsessively dark, covering both supernatural/sci-fi horrors and the real-life traumas of death, war, nuclear annihilation, mental illness, drug hallucinations, and narcotic abuse. Yet Sabbath make it totally convincing, thanks to the crawling, muddled bleakness and bad-trip depression evoked so frighteningly well by their music. Even the qualities that made critics deplore the album (and the group) for years increase the overall effect - the technical simplicity of Ozzy Osbourne's vocals and Tony Iommi's lead guitar vocabulary, the spots when the lyrics sink into melodrama or awkwardness, the lack of subtlety, and the infrequent dynamic contrast. Everything adds up to more than the sum of its parts, as though the anxieties behind the music simply demanded that the band achieve catharsis by steamrolling everything in their path, including their own limitations. Monolithic and primally powerful, Paranoid defined the sound and style of heavy metal more than any other record in rock history. — (via AllMusic)

Label: BMG
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Record Store Day, Limited Edition, Reissue, Stereo, Red With Black Splatter
Country: Europe
Reissued: Apr 20, 2024 / Original Release: 1970
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

File under: School Of Rock