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From Darkness

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Much like the importance of a Compass to an Explorer, when Avishai Cohen is asked what he would consider his favourite navigational instrument, he replies without hesitation, that it is his bass-piano-drums Trio that helps him to find his orientation and drive, to push forward. Avishai reflects that ... "my discography has only one trio album [Gently Disturbed, 2008] which doesn t really reflect the fact that my music has always been written for and executed by Trio".

From Darkness sees the Israeli composer, bassist and singer go back to the very core of his musical idiom and activity, but with Avishai, what may seem as a return to the basics always brings the promise of a new beginning. From Darkness once again opens an essential gateway into a new creative and expressive dimension. It is the first time since Gently Disturbed that I have the feeling I am reaching a new, fresh and incredibly substantial form with the trio. A belief reinforced by two outstanding partners, pianist Nitai Hershkovits and drummer Daniel Dor. Both Nitai and Daniel take my music to places and perspectives that I had never suspected it would go and I couldn t dream of anything better. Avishai goes on to describe this chemistry between them as, “Here, three becomes one.”

This unity between human and sound owes a lot to a virtue brought here to its highest intensity; mutual listening, a soulful and heartful science that presides over the destiny of true music. The opening track Beyond , showcases in just over two minutes the greatness of this album; the art of occupying space and time in trio, tugging at the heartstrings of each in harmony, of melting the parts of a boundless imagination in the crucible of a true and unfailing intelligence.

It is indeed a key step in Cohen s long-term quest for the absolute and for purity. The art of this trio is rich and condensed; swarming with new ideas, reduced to the essential and crossed by a thousand subtly harmonized shades. From Darkness unveils itself as a strong, contentious beauty, that’s aware of its strengths and its vulnerability, Avishai confirms, Our trio was so united that the music just flew, in one single stream, in one entity. We present it very purely, without any distractions, of any kind. This includes when we highlight the groove, the trance and the rhythm that define my signature style which feeds and contributes to the positive energy throughout the album.

In Leonard Cohen’s song “Anthem”, he wrote these penetrating lines; There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. It is through these majestic flaws, carved by humans and musicianship, that From Darkness lets the light radiate from an art that, more than ever, can legitimately claim to reach the truth of the human soul. – Press Release

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From Darkness


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