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Alice Coltrane With Strings
World Galaxy | 2015 Reissue

ABC Impulse!

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“This LP was recorded in late 1971 and it’s the sixth solo album of Alice Coltrane. It is also considered as being one of the most important and strongest records from her entire music career and ‘’one of the finest moments in jazz from the early '70s’’, as quoted by fellow journalist Thom Jurek. The harp is probably one of the very few instruments that you can reach the most divine and spiritual sound with; and there’s plenty of harp, in each song on this LP. The trilogy of the Galaxies (''Galaxy Around Olodumare, in Turiya and in Satchidananda) travels through time and religion, eventually hypnotizing the listener with its ridiculously rough melody, harmony and love. This album is pure love.” – The Attic

“On the two days in November when World Galaxy was recorded, Coltrane chose drummer Ben Riley, bassist Reggie Workman, violinist Leroy Jenkins, saxophonist Frank Lowe, and timpanist Elayne Jones in addition to a string orchestra of 16 to help her realize her latest vision. Coltrane herself plays piano, harp, and organ on this date, sometimes within a single track, as she does on her glorious post-modal reworking of "My Favorite Things." This was a gutsy move, considering it was one of John Coltrane's signature tunes, but Alice has it firmly in hand as she moves from organ to harp to piano and back, turning the melody inside out wide enough for the strings to whip up an atmospheric texture that simultaneously evokes heaven and hell and skewers the prissy nature of the tune in favor of bent polyharmonics that allow the entire world of sound inside to play. The jazz modalism Coltrane presents on "Galaxy Around Olodumare" is quickly undone by Lowe in his solo and reconstructed into polyphony by the string section; it's remarkable. The harp work on "Galaxy in Turiya" (Alice's religious name) is among her most beautiful, creating her own wash of color and dynamic for the strings to fall like water from the sky into her mix. As colors shift and change, the rhythm section responds, and focuses them in the prism of Coltrane's textured harpistry.” – All Music

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Alice Coltrane With Strings


World Galaxy


ABC Impulse!


Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 gr, Gatefold



Release Date:

This reissue: 2015 | Original: 1972




Free Jazz, Soul-Jazz

Catalog No:

06007 53630501, AS 9218