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Against All Logic - 2012-2017


Other People

Against All Logic - 2012-2017


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“When Jaar released 2012 - 2017 in February, he did so with almost no notice or attempt to get notice. A.A.L. isn’t a new moniker for the producer, but not one that was known to most casual fans prior to his latest release. If works under his given name and projects like Darkside are Spider-Man and Wolverine, A.A.L. is more akin to Marvel’s U.S. Agent (if you had to look that one up, that’s the point). But the use of this more obscure name doesn’t feel arbitrary, especially considering the music Jaar has released under his other aliases over the last five years like the looming, spacious beauty of Sirens and avant garde soundtracks like Pomegranates to the telekinetic, spiraling energy of Darkside’s Psychic. The songs on A.A.L.’s first full-length feel like they come from another musical world. While Jaar has embraced house and dance elements in his music before, never has he covered the genres in such breadth and with so much confidence than he does with 2012 - 2017.”  - KEXP

“Kicks, snares, and hi-hats assemble in predictable motifs. Samples—largely sourced from funk and soul—sing loudly, and plainly. Pianos gallop, because that is what pianos do at 128 beats per minute. There’s plenty to unpack here, as there is with all of Jaar’s work, but if you wanted to simplify things you could call 2012 - 2017 his house album, in that Jaar imposes upon himself the conventions and requirements of traditional house music.” – Pitchfork

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Against All Logic




Other People
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16 May 2018