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Profile: Label founded and curated by Oliver Mental Groove of Mental Groove Records and Stéphane Armleder aka The Genevan Heathen of Villa Magica Records.

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AKA Mr Bongo Worldwide (Ltd./Limited)
Record label. Record shop. Film label.
Mr Bongo started in 1989 as a record shop in Soho, London (Berwick Street, followed by Poland Street)
In 1999 it moved to Brighton and closed its London shops in 2003.
Opened a new shop in Brighton at the end of 2016.
Launched in 2002 by Egon as a subsidiary of Stones Throw Records, and offering a rich catalogue of 60s & 70s soul & funk as well as some essential new projects. Since 2012, the label has been independent, with distribution from Traffic Entertainment Group, among others.
British label founded in 2002 by Miles Cleret. Soundway Records started off life in by re-issuing and compiling old music from Africa, Latin America, The Caribbean, Asia and beyond, but now releases music from all eras and regions: contemporary and vintage. Music ranges from Psychedelic Rock to Disco, Boogie, Electronic, Afrobeat, Funk.