Diggin' Episodes

Diggin' EP 06 - Dru Chen

Diggin Episode 06 - We have singer song-writer and artist Dru Chen pulling out some key records that have influenced him in various ways. In this episode of Diggin’, we check out a diverse bunch of titles at the vault, from classic and big band jazz to psychedelic funk, funky soundtracks, local mainstays at the vault and some good ol’ heavy metal.

Funkadelic - Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow
Chok Kerong – Tales They Told Me 
Dru Chen – Mirror Work

Diggin' EP 05 - Itch & Vinylheavy

A truly excellent pairing! both Vinylheavy and Itch are champions of sounds from our region, each with a deep knowledge of the music and a collectin to match. Here's what happened when they went Diggin' at the Vault'.

Diggin' EP2 - The Analog Vault Selectors