Diggin' Episodes

Diggin' EP 8 - Kitchen. Label & Kinn Leonn

Founder of KITCHEN. LABEL Ricks Ang & the Ambient Boy from Singapore Kin Leonn here in this episode of Diggin'! A true insight into their musical taste, picking out some records from special sections at the vault. From ambient pieces to modern classical works, Ricks and Kin touch on these different styles, educating us with their deep knowledge of music. Check it out!

Hatis Noit - Illogical Dance
Jon Hopkins - Singularity
Jon Hassell - Dream Theory In Malaya
Visible Cloaks - Lex
Hior Chronik - Out Of The Dust

Diggin' EP 03 - Daniel Peters and Nigel Lopez

A music writer (Daniel Peters) and the Middle Class Cigars label head honcho (Nigel Lopez - aka Guided Meditation) go diggin' at the Vault! These two talked about some of their favourite records (in terms of music, direction, artwork and more) and recorded a mixtape to go along with it. Enjoy!

Full interview + mixtape link via http://cratedig.us/dannigel 

Brockhampton - Iridescence 

Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal 
Shamek Farrah - First Impressions 
Visible Cloaks - Lex 
Laurel Halo - Raw Silk Uncut Wood 

Diggin' EP 01 - .gif